Supplement Quality

Your favorite supplements might not be exactly what you think they are.

More and more supplements are under question about their quality, validity of ingredients and effectiveness after a recent investigation by the New York State attorney general’s office led to accusations that four major retailers around the country were selling mislabeled supplements.

A variety of supplements on the shelves actually had very little or none of the herbal ingredients included on the label. The supplements in question included cheap fillers and contaminants instead of what was labeled to be in the products.

Things look like they’ll take a step closer to more regulation with an announcement that a group of attorneys general are forming a coalition to bring fraud and quality control issues to an end in the $5 billion-a-year herbal supplement industry.

The group of attorneys general includes those from Connecticut, Indiana and Puerto Rico. The group is expected to examine labeling, quality control and other aspects of the herbal industry that have escaped scrutiny for years.

What does this mean for your supplements?

Of course you don’t have to be living in New York to be buying fraudulent supplements.

This crackdown means good news for consumers.

While more regulation may lead to a smaller industry with fewer available supplements, it could mean more quality supplements are available.

What You Should Look for in the Supplements You Purchase?

Do a little additional research to find out where and what type of facility the products are manufactured in. Do the products undergo any testing on the ingredients, on the manufacturing process or on the final product?

Testing can help ensure you’re getting what you pay for.

It’s important to understand as much as possible about the manufacturing process to fully understand the quality of the supplements you’re using.

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