Reishi Mushroom Could be in Next Wave of Diet Pills

As studies shown promising results of natural ingredients for weight loss, it doesn’t take long before supplement companies are trying to capitalize on the findings.

With recent research on the ganoderma lucidum mushroom, more simply called the Reishi Mushroom, you could find this in diet pills soon.

In a study published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications, the reishi mushroom appeared to limit weight gain of mice on a high-fat diet by improving the amount of “good” bacteria in the digestive system and by reducing inflammation.

Other studies have suggested “bad” bacteria and chronic inflammation lead to obesity.

Of course, and as is true with any natural supplement, reishi extract alone will prove to be no miracle and won’t be of use without eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting adequate exercise.

The study on the reishi mushroom was carried out at the Chang Gung University in Taiwan and the University of Pacific and Rockefeller University in the United States.

Laboratory mice were used in the study aimed at determining if the reishi mushroom had any effect on body weight and obesity.

Mice were split into six groups and fed either a high-fat diet or a normal diet for eight weeks. Each group were fed either reishi mushroom extract with water or water alone. Following the study, researchers compared weight, body fat and insulin resistance.

Mice consuming the reishi mushroom on a high-fat diet had a reduced amount of weight gain and fat deposits. The least amount of weight gain was seen in the mice given the highest dose of the reishi mushroom. Inflammation was also reduced in the mice taking the reishi mushroom.

Reishi mushroom has been utilized in chinese medicine for thousands of years and is believed to improve health and lifespan and has also been tested as a possible treatment for other health conditions.

Results of this study suggest there is use of the reishi mushroom in avoiding as much weight gain. Of course, before the reishi mushroom’s real effectiveness can be determined, additional randomized controlled trials in humans would prove helpful.

Author: simon

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