Muscletech VitaliGenix T10 Reviews

Muscletch VitaliGenix T10 Reviews

While Muscletech has been building on a couple series with new supplements, Muscletech VitaliGenix T10 won’t be part of any new series.

This all-new testosterone booster will stand on its own as Muscletech makes its way back into the testosterone-boosting business.

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But this comes as a very interesting testosterone booster. Muscletech is promising some impressive benefits with its latest testosterone booster that most men would definitely want to get their hands on if possible.

Will Muscletech VitaliGenix T10 really deliver the testosterone-boosting benefits you’re looking for? Keep reading to see what’s in Muscletech VitaliGenix T10 and to find out if you’re going to notice a difference in your testosterone.

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What are the ingredients in Muscletech VitaliGenix T10?

While some of the ingredients aren’t all that unique, some are. Here’s what you’ll get with this new Muscletech Testosterone Booster:

Fenugreek – One of the earliest and most common ingredients in testosterone boosting supplements.

Brassica Oleracea – This is also called wild cabbage and helps to reduce the effects of aging while promoting healing.

Tribulus Terrestris – Another natural ingredient found in just about every natural testosterone supplement because it’s shown to be extremely effective and safe at boosting testosterone levels.

Boron Citrate – Boron has been clinically studied to boost performance. Boron citrate also helps increase bone strength, build smuscle and increases testosterone while improving mental capacity and muscle coordination.

Olea Eurpaea – Also known as the olive, this is one of the oldest cultivated plants and helps to fight conditions associated with aging including diminished testosterone production.

Maca Root – This has been used for a variety of reasons and helps promote energy, improve stamina and increase athletic performance. It has been used to fight erectile dysfunction and improve sexual arousal.

Safed Musli Extract – With as many as 25 different alkaloids, vitamins and minerals, Safed Musli Extract is linked to improved sexual drive and stamina as it helps elevate testosterone levels.

What makes Muscletech VitaliGenix T10 so interesting is the promise to boost your testosterone levels in a matter of just 10 hours. Muscletech is promising results that fast even after the first dose.

You get a solid combination of natural ingredients and we won’t be surprised to hear men saying they’re noticing a significant difference in their energy levels, muscle developement, sexual appetite and stamina and athletic performance from taking Muscletech VitaliGenix T10.

How Much will Muscletech VitaliGenix T10 Cost?

Testosterone boosters typical range in price from around $30 to upwards of $80 but with this you’re getting a super premium product and it’s listed on GNC for the best price we’ve seen at $199.99. Muscletech hasn’t released the price for Muscletech VitaliGenix T10 yet, but they have announced it will be available in GNC and online at when it does become available.

Overall Impression of Muscletech VitaliGenix T10

Testosterone boosters can really be cheap and lack significant amounts of key ingredients even if all the best ingredients are listed on the label. But this looks to be a solid formula with a pretty solid promise to boost your testosterone levels in just 10 hours.

We like what Muscletech is doing and men, especially men hitting closer to 40 years old and older, need something to boost and sustain their testosterone levels. More and more men are turning to testosterone injections because not a lot of quality testosterone supplements are on the market. This could very well be the best of the best when it comes to boosting your testosterone levels.

If you’ve tried Muscletech VitaliGenix T10, we would love your VitaliGenix T10 reviews below.

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  1. I have been taking this product for a week. I really haven’t noticed any drastic changes. Not even after 10 hours. I’ve Tried other products that have been more beneficial.

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    • I am starting the beginning in my 3rd week and I take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 at night plus feel great!

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    • This product is a joke for the price at best its as good as the cheapest tbooster p6 black blows it out of the water hands down!

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  2. I have been using it for about a month, a lot of energy and stamina at the gym.

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  3. Ive been taking this about 2 weeks and I haven’t really noticed any strength gains but I have noticed it gives me more energy. I previously took the power t and had very noticeable gains n about a week the employees at GNC hyped vitaligenix up and said it is better than power t but I knw for a fact I gained strength with power T nothing but energy with vitaligenix. I think testrovak or something like that makes it and it’s half the price

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  4. I have been using it for about a month, a lot of energy and stamina in my workout

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  5. Not only is EVERY clinical ingredient proven to raise test levels are in here. But they’ve added even more boosters that raise test naturally in different pathways.

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  6. Being over 40 I was looking for a GOOD T-Booster and this one seems to fit the bill. Since I’ve been on it for a few weeks I have felt noticeable strength gains at the gym. Hopefully with continued use I will see a noticeable increase in size as well. It’s worth the price for me.

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  7. Been taking about 6 weeks. Was looking for something with no caddies and wouldn’t put me on edge. I’m mid 40s, work 12-15 hours/day in a high stress environment and was burning out towards the end of my day. This definitely gives me the boost I was looking for. Doesn’t make me edgy and able to crank out a workout after work. Just bought my 3rd bottle. Definitely work the extra money.

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  8. today is August 31, 2016 and i just purchased the vitaligenix t10 product. I’ll keep you posted in two weeks. If i don’t see any results, i’m returning it before the 30 days money back guarantee. I hope it does work.

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  9. I have been using two weeks, and can compare it to all the popular boosters I have used them all in the last few years. Not overly impressed for the price. It works but not noticeably better than the force factor line, neugenics or the P6. A little disappointed I always used and liked the MT line of products

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