Best Nutrients and Supplements for Women

Women need certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals their body just doesn’t make.

While whole foods are the best source of those nutrients, vitamins and minerals, taking supplements gives you another way to get what you need to be as healthy as possible.

But most women don’t realize what they need when it comes to taking supplements.

We’ve researched and asked experts to share what they believe to be the best supplements for women.

Here’s what they recommend:

Multivitamin – A multivitamin is a basic supplement both men and women should be taking to cover the basics.

There are a couple great multivitamins you can take including NutraPerfect’s VitaPerfect. Vitaperfect is made with the key vitamins and minerals you don’t normally get through diet alone. VitaPerfect is made with added phytonutrients and enzymes and is safe for any age.

This Women’s Formula Multivitamin is also a great way to get the nutrients you need.

Enzymes – A broad-spectrum enzyme supplement such as EnzyPerfect is a great way to give your digestive health exactly what it needs. Enzymes help the body to break down food and enable the body to deliver nutrients better.

Vitamin B12 – B12 provides energy and helps in a variety of ways to support your health. Look for the methylcobalamin form of B12 for better absorption and better benefits overall.

Hormone Support – Your hormones play a critical role in your overall health both mentally and physically. A hormone supplement like FemPerfect can offer support the help you balance your hormones properly at any age. This formula was made specifically for women.

Magnesium – This supports bone health, sleep, relaxes the muscles and balances your mood.

Iodine – Iodine is necessary for healthy thyroid function, yet many women are deficient. You don’t need a lot and can generally get what you need through a multivitamin.

Vitamin D3 – This vitamin plays a role in a lot of functions throughout the body from supporting your immune system to supporting your bone health.

Omega-3 – Whether you’re getting your omega-3 fatty acids from fish or fish oil, just make sure you’re getting them. They are so important for the health of your heart, reducing inflammation, boosting your mood, strengthening your hair and nails and maintaining overall health.

With this list of supplements, even if just a few of the supplements on here, you’ll be able to better maintain your health.


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